List Policies and Rules.

This Listserv deals with a medical disorder. We abide by HonCode Principles and are careful to protect our member's privacy as much as is possible in this situation. Members do not have access to a list of other member's names and e-mail addresses. We do not allow harvesting of members for any reason. All applicants are screened. Anyone who joins this list under false pretenses will be immediately unsubscribed. This Listserv membership includes young people, and content is kept family-safe.

The Golden Rules of the HKPP Listserv

  1. Please stay on topic. 
  2. Think before you post. Absolutely no flaming.
  3. Our membership is drawn from around the world and from many cultures. Please leave your religious, political and cultural differences at the door.
  4. When replying to a post, quote only enough to provide context for your reply. Remove the old post from beneath your signature.
  5. This List is private. Do not forward e-mail from a person who is not a member to this List and do not forward e-mail from this List to a person who is not a member.
  6. Do not post announcements and advertisements to this Listserv. All announcements and notices must be cleared through Listserv Management.
  7. Cite all quotes, references and sources and respect copyright and license agreements.
  8. Change the subject line to reflect your message.
  9. If your post is directed to a single individual and not of general interest please e-mail that person directly.
  10. Do not capitalize words that are not titles. This is considered SHOUTING! Put *asterisks* around words to show emphasis.
  11. Sign each post with your name, type of PP and location. Turn off automatic signature files. The use of signature files is not allowed.
  12. Do not post virus warnings to the List.

The owners of the HKPP Listserv determine eligibility for membership and may remove any member, with or without reason, at any time.