Li Zhang MD

Dr. Li Zhang, a clinical research scientist, is specialized in investigating inherited arrhythmias associated with increased risks of sudden death in young otherwise healthy individuals. Li is a principal investigator of an ongoing project entitled “sudden death prevention-identifying the ECG markers in the early stage of ARVD awarded by American Heart Association Scientist Development Grant (2007-2011)” and a co-investigator in the mutation functional expression studies of ARVD and LQTS sponsored by AHA and NIH (PI, Zhengfeng Zhou, Univ. of Oregon, 2008-2012), respectively.  

Dr. Zhang’s primary research goal is to improve the early diagnosis of lethal heart rhythm disorder for prompt medical intervention and sudden death prevention. She is an author/co-author of more than 140 research publications in peer reviewed cardiology journals.  She is also a major contributor in establishing ion channelopathy, ARVD and left ventricular noncompaction registry studies in China.

Li is currently the Director of Cardiovascular Outcomes Research,Main Line Health Heart Center at Lakenau Institute for Medical Research, Associate Professor at Jefferson Medical College and Lakenau Institute, Adjunct Professor for Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Guest Professor for the Institute of Molecular Medicine, Peking University, China, and the Chair of Electrophysiology for the Chinese American Heart Association.