Arthur A.M. Wilde MD, PhD

Nov. 1983: MD , University of Amsterdam.

Feb. 1984 - Dec. 1988 : Researcher in the laboratory of Experimental Cardiology of the department of Clinical and Experimental Cardiology (University of Amsterdam, headed by Prof.Dr. M.J. Janse). A significant part of the research was performed at the University of Bern, Switserland (Physiologisches Institut headed by Prof.Dr. A.G. Kléber).

Feb. 1988 : Ph.D. Thesis: Myocardial ischemia and hypoxia. Cellular ionic and electrical activity. University of Amsterdam. Promotor: Prof.Dr. M.J. Janse, Co-promotor: Prof.Dr. A.G. Kléber

Jan. 1989 - Oct. 1994 : Resident Cardiology, AMC Amsterdam, registered per 1-10-1994.

April 1994 - Oct. 1995: Resident Clinical Electrophysiology, University Hospital Utrecht.

October 1994 Appointed as Cardiologist (University teacher) in the AMC (untilAugust 1999 40% in the AZU, Department of Clinical EP).

From Aug. 1999 University Master teacher (University of Amsterdam)

Aug. 1999: Head of the laboratory of Experimental Cardiology (AMC).

March 2000 Appointed as Professor in Cardiology with special interest in the Experimental Cardiology (University of Amsterdam).

February 2003-today Appointed as Professor in Cardiology and Head of the Department of Clinical and Experimental Cardiology (University of Amsterdam)

Scientific interest: Clinical and experimental electrophysiology Genetics of inherited arrhythmia syndromes (including cardiomyopathies) and sudden cardiac death

Scientific profile and honors Prizes:

1995 Appointed by the Netherlands Heart Foundation as a Clinical Established Investigator (1996-2000).

2007 The 10th annual Gordon K. Moe visiting professorship at the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory. Utica (NY, USA).

2011 Appointed as member of the Dutch Academy of Science

2000-2011 Numerous prizes by the PhD students working in the group (poster prizes, travel grants, young investigator prizes).

Number of PhD theses: 16 (2 expected in 2011)

Visiting Professorships: USA: Utica 2007, MAYO clinics 2008, Columbia NY 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. Japan: Osaka 2009.

Keynote lectures: USA 2005: 30th annual conference of the International Society for Computerized Electrocardiography: “The Kenichi Harumi lecture“.

Germany 2006: 33rd International Congress of Electrocardiology UK 2008: British Cardiac Society annual meeting.

KSA 2008: The 19th scientific sess. of the Saudi Heart Association.

Japan 2009: Japanese IVF Registry 2009.

France 2009: 2nd Denis Escande symposium.

Germany 2009: klinische Rhythmologie Italy

2010: Symposium Ventricular fibrillation: how to prevent and treat

Turkey 2010: PEDIRHYTHM 4.

Ireland 2010: The Irish Heart Foundation. SCD prevention IV.

USA 2011: “The Dan May lecture” (Nashville, TN).

Editorial board: Associate Editor Cardiovascular Research (1995-2003).

Associate Editor Neth Heart J (1997- ).

Associate Editor Europace (2007-.)

Member Editorial Board J Cardiovasc Electrophysiology (2002- )

Member Editorial Board Heart Rhythm (2004- )

Member Editorial board Circ Arrhythmia & Electrophysiol (2008-.)

Membership: National Member Scientific Advisory Board ICIN (1999- )

Vice-chairmen (2000-2002) and chairmen Scientific Advisory Board Cluster 2 'Pathogenesis" Dutch Heart Foundation (2002-2006)

Member Scientific Advisory Board Dutch Heart F. (2000- 2006)

Member Committee on the applications of the human genome project (Dutch heart foundation, 2000- )

Project leader ICIN project 27 (Inherited Heart Diseases, 1998- ).

Member ZON MW VENI committee (2004-2009).

Member Netherlands Heart Rhythm Association (NHRA),

Dutch Society of Cardiology. Chairman NHRA (2006- 2009)

International: Member European Heart Rhythm Association,

ESC Fellow European Society of Cardiology (FESC).

Member Basic Science Council AHA,

Fellow American Heart Association (FAHA).

Member NASPE/Heart Rhythm Society.

Member Cardiac electrophysiological Society Scientific Advisor SADS foundation USA (2005- )

Member International Advisory Board “Herz-Kreislauf-Netz” in the National Genome Research Network Germany (2006- )