Giorgio Buzzi MD

Giorgio Buzzi MD is a practicing neurologist with a special interest in sleep disorders,including sleep paralysis. He has a private practice in Ravenna, Italy and also receives patients through the National Health Service.

Dr. Buzzi received his MD in 1987 from the University of Bologna, Italy (110/110, cum laude, with a thesis on Rigid Spine Syndrome, an uncommon neuromuscular disorder) and in 1991, Neurology, University of Bologna, Italy (70/70 cum laude).

From 1993-2002 Dr. Buzzi was a collaborator of the Sleep Medicine Unit, Department of Neurology, S. Orsola-Malpighi Hospital, University of Bologna, Italy. He is a co-author of many publications and contributions to medical meetings in the fields of Sleep Apnea and Restless Legs Syndrome. Dr. Buzzi maintains a database of patients with isolated sleep paralysis and related sleep disorders and is very interested in the Periodic Paralyses. Dr. Buzzi has been a member of AIMS for many years- Italian Association of Sleep Medicine.