Karin Jurkat-Rott, MD, PhD

Professional career:

1991     MD medical school degree, West-Berlin Free University
1995    PhD in physiology, Ulm University
1996    Postdoc phase, Ulm University
1997-1998   Clinical research associate, Willmar Schwabe Pharmaceuticals
1999-2001   Habilitation degree in Physiology, Ulm University
since 2001   Leader of Genetics Lab in Applied Physiology, Ulm Universirty
since 2008   Secretary of Neuromuscular Center of Ulm University
since 2010   Deputy chair of Division of Neurophysiology, Ulm University

1993 -1995   PhD fellowship of German Research Foundation
1995    Sandoz Award for Therapeutic Research
1996    Heräus PhD Award
2002    Women's Research Award, Ulm University
2008    Felix-Jerusalem Award of the German Muscle Society
2010    Eva Luise Köhler Award for Rare Diseases

Research areas:
Ion channels provide the basis for the regulation of electrical cell excitability (nervous system, skeletal and cardiac muscle), of hormone secretion and signal transduction. Our main goal is to elucidate the pathogenesis of diseases that are caused by pathologically altered ion channels known as channelopathies. Examples are myotonia, periodic paralysis, ataxia and migraine. By genetic, functional and patient studies, we are developing models for pathogenesis and strategies for therapy. Additionally, we are interested in various aspects of ion channels, e.g. their coding genes, the splicing of the RNA, the function of the channel proteins, and their modulation by exo- and endogenous ligands and toxins.