Valeria Sansone MD

Dr. Valeria Sansone has had experience in neuromuscular disorders both from a clinical and basic science point of view since the first years of Medical School (1987- 1991, University of Milan) initially working in basic research regarding ion channel modulation in vitro using the patch-clamp technique. Her studies included time spent in the Neurophysiology Lab in Turin, the Neurophysiology Lab at the Institute of Biophysics and Biochemistry at the Max Planck Institute in Gottingen,Germany, residency at University of Milan and a fellowship at the University of Rochester in NY.

Dr. Sansone switched to clinical research in ion channel disorders in the first years of her residency. For the past 20 years she has been in charge of in-patients with muscle disorders at the University Department of Neurology in Milan and has also been in charge of the State-run out-patient neuromuscular clinic at the Hospital Site. She is a Faculty Member at the University of Milan since 2006 (Ricercatore Confermato). Since 2010

Dr. Sansone has worked with Dr Griggs as a CINCH site co-PI, recruiting subjects for clinical studies and has recently renewed her willingness to continuing working with CINCH as a site co-PI. These clinical studies have given her experience in conducting clinical trials, in overcoming obstacles to patient recruitment and retention, in addressing challenges of drug supply, pursuing US, Italian and local regulatory approvals and working productively with clinical study groups. Dr. Sansone’s work has appeared in numerous peer-reviewed publications and she has received grants for work pertaining to quality of life, muscle strength and cognitive and behavioural aspects of muscle disease.