*Basic Muscle Biology it’s Handy to Know

Movies are easier than reading sometimes! 

Muscle cells part 1 – You should know how they work! Watch this rather goofy professor explain it here.

Muscle cells part 2 – the second part of the above. 

Action Potentials part 1 – Resting Membrane Potential: (link)

Action Potentials part 2 – Voltage-Gated Ion Channels: (link)

Activation Cycle of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels: Closed, Open, and Inactivated

How changes in potassium cause weakness in the PPs. 

More advanced biology:

Type 1 & type 2 muscle fibers Understanding the difference between them. 

How can I cope with HypoPP? Neurologist/Geneticist: Dr. Frank Lehmann-Horn – Explains how Type 1 and 2 muscle fibres are affected differently in the PPs.