Hyperkalemic PP Medications

A True Endocrine Emergency

Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
Dichlorphenamide is an FDA approved carbonic anhydrase inhibitor used for primary hypo and hyper
forms of periodic paralysis. The exact mechanism of action for these conditions is unknown. It is
available as the brand name Keveyis from Xeris pharmaceutical. It has also recently been made available
in a generic form. For the brand name Keveyis, Xeris Pharmaceutical offers patient support and savings
on their website at www.Keveyis.com.
Acetazolamide is another carbonic anhydrase inhibitor. More information is available on
dichlorphenamide because acetazolamide lacks clinical trials for periodic paralysis.
Albuterol is an inhaled medication used to treat shortness of breath and wheezing in patients with
asthma and COPD. Albuterol lowers potassium and is used in some patients with hyper variants for
acute attacks.