Meal Plan Template

Submitted by deb on Sun, 07/03/2011 – 23:34

When I’m in the middle of an abortive attack meal planning goes right out the window. I can look at a fridge and pantry full of food and not be able to figure out what to do with any of it.

The only way to avoid feeding the family cheese on toast and a glass of tap water for dinner again is advance planning.

I can follow clear and simple directions. So if I plan exactly what we will eat for each meal I can;

1) avoid wasting food,

2) feed us something other than crud on rice (which is going to make me weak anyway) and

3) not feel the guilty failure of a haus-frau my mother predicted I would become. WIN!

Combined with the diet plan for the type of PP you are cooking for, a meal template is a life-saver in a sea of frozen pizza. On a large sheet of paper or on your smart phone set up:

 –Breakfast—––Lunch——––Dinner——––Snacks——–Prep for Tomorrow –Shopping List—