Interested in doing a fund raiser? No event is too big or too small, many can be made virtually and every contribution counts. Check out some fun-filled ideas to get you started… 

AUCTIONS – Collect sports memorabilia, spa packages, gift baskets and other items to hold a silent auction or post them on eBay.

BAKE SALE – Hold a bake sale at your home, office, or any place with heavy foot traffic.

BINGO NIGHT – Find a local banquet room and charge a fee for a chance to play bingo for prizes. Sell candy and refreshments to boost your funds.

BIRTHDAY PARTY/HOUSE PARTY – Simply host a party at your home with food, drinks and games and ask guests to make a donation in lieu of gifts or consider a cover charge.

BOWL-A-THON – Reserve a few lanes at your local alley and ask participants to collect pledges.

BREAKFAST WITH SANTA CLAUS – Reserve a local community center and serve a pancake breakfast where kids can have their picture taken with Santa Claus then donate the profits.

CALENDAR – Assemble a calendar with photos and facts about Primary Periodic Paralysis diseases to sell in your community.

CAR WASH – Charge a flat rate for each car and ask drivers to make an additional donation.

CHILI COOK-OFF – Organize a chili cook-off in your community or place of business. Award prizes for “hottest chili,” “best chili” or “most unusual.”

CRAFT FAIR – Set up shop at a local craft fair or flea market and sell your crafts or artwork. An excellent way to raise funds and awareness!

COINS FOR A CURE – Place coin collection containers in your school, church, or local business for a designated period of time. Award the individual or organization that collects the most money.

CONCERT – Reserve a local amphitheater or stage venue and ask musicians to put on a benefit concert.

COOKBOOK – Collect recipes from your friends and family, then organize them into a cookbook to sell at your school, church, or place of business.

DANCE MARATHON – Ask your school to hold a dance and encourage students to collect pledges.

DINNER OR GALA – Host a dinner in your home or at a public facility. You can serve anything from spaghetti to steak. Consider holding an auction or raffle as well.

DOG WALK – Collect pledges for distances walked with your pet or host a walk at a park with a flat entry fee.

GARAGE SALE – Clean out your attic or basement and donate your proceeds. Ask your neighbors to donate their unwanted items as well.

GIFT RECYCLING – Host a post-holiday party in your home in which invited guests bring a gift they cannot use in addition to a donation. All the recycled gifts are then bid on in a silent auction format.

GOLF OUTING – Reserve a local golf course for the day and invite individuals and foursomes to compete in a golf tournament. Secure sponsorships for each hole and award prizes.

GOOD GRADES – Ask your parents and neighbors to make a donation for every “A” you earn on your report card.

GUEST BARTENDING NIGHT – Reserve a happy hour and ask local celebrities to be the bartenders for the evening. Tips collected can be donated to the PPI.

HOME AND GARDEN PARTY – Partner with Tupperware, Tastefully Simple, Pampered Chef, or another similar company. Invite friends into your home for product/service displays and donate your profits to the PPI.

ICE CREAM SOCIAL – Ask a local grocery to donate the ice cream and hold your social at school or work. You can charge by the bowl.

KARAOKE NIGHT – Partner with a local establishment that offers Karaoke. Have a contest where patrons donate dollars for their favorite singer. The singer that raises the most money for the PPI wins a prize.

LEMONDADE STAND – Set up an old-fashioned lemonade stand and donate your proceeds to the PPI.

LIGHT BULB CAMPAIGN – The UMDF will provide you with light bulb paper cutouts that can be sold for a dollar at a local restaurant and placed on a designated wall or window to raise awareness.

MOVIE NIGHT – Host a movie night at a public facility with a large projection screen. Charge movie-goers for admission, popcorn and refreshments.

PERCENTAGE OF SALES – Ask a local restaurant or retailer to donate a portion of their sales over a designated time period to the PPI.

RAFFLES – Hold a 50/50 drawing in which half of the money goes to the winner and the other half to the PPI. This is the perfect accompaniment to any event.

RUN A MARATHON – Enter a local marathon and collect general donations or pledges for every mile you run.

SACRIFICE – Give up coffee or candy or fast food for a week and donate the savings to the PPI.

SCAVENGER HUNT – Organize a scavenger hunt and charge an entrance fee for teams. Be sure to award the winning team and consider making the event a pizza party as well.

SPORTS DAY – Pick your favorite sport and organize an all-day tournament with an entry fee. Award the winning team or individual.

TEA FOR TWENTY – Mail an invitation and tea bag to 20 (or more!) of your friends and family. Ask them to make a donation to your “virtual” tea party and drink the tea in the comfort of their own home at a specific time.

VIDEO GAME CONTEST – Pick your favorite video game and charge a fee to entrants.  This works well as a board game contest as well.

WALK – Reserve a location and register people for an awareness walk. Encourage teams and individuals to solicit donations/sponsorships for their participation.

BUILD-YOUR-OWN FUNDRAISER – The ideas above are a mere sample of what a little imagination can do. Put your own touch on one of these ideas or create an entirely new fundraiser all on your own. The important thing is that you put the FUN in FUNdraising.

Need help organizing an event? Contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our PPI Volunteers.